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Gas Waste Incinerator

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Type of IncineratorSolid Waste Incinerator
BrandNovo Industries
Power SourceGas
Waste TypeDomestic Waste, Agro waste, Industrial Waste
Incinerator TypeIndustrial Incinerator, Solid waste
Capacity0-10 kg/hr, 10-30 kg/hr, 30-60 kg/hr
Material of ConstructionCarbon Steel
MaterialMS or SS
Automatic GradeManual
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Economic Efficient, On the Spot Disposal

How NOVO incinerators Work

The range was developed in response to rising
waste disposal costs and to turn the need of
many businesses for Economic, clean efficient
and on-the-spot waste disposal. There is
incinerator to suit every need, from small
offices or retail premises, to large packaging
companies or timber product manufacturers.
In fact, they have been supplied to all sectors of
Industry and Commerce, Government
Agencies, Hotels and Restaurants, Schools and
They can be used to dispose of all Class-1
material, which includes paper, cardboard,
rags, wood offcuts, broker palace, foyer
sweepings, general rubbish and smaller
quantities of plastics and food wastes.

One of the greatest advantages of NOVO
incinerators is that they can be incinerated anywhere. They can even
be operated within a Smoke Control Area. This is due to their
innovative design, resulting in reduced Smoke emissions.
Another plus is their ease and simplicity of use. Once
der the are ready to work immediately as there is no
moving parts, o supply of gas, oil or electricity is needed and
they can be placed on a surface. They can be sited in a
permanent position or moved by a forklift at moments' notice.
were possible to operate them in a workshop er factory with
the correct citation and flue arrangements. No special
training is required in the use of the incinerator as clear
operating instructions are supplied.
The outer easing hood and flue are a rugged steel construction
which will give many years of service

NOVO Incinerators have no moving parts, which
blame operation. They rely solely on their
design to provide fast efficient burning. They only take a few
seconds to light and can be left unattended to
the material is loaded and ignited manually through the
Loading door. Once burning has started sec
air is drawn between the outer casing and the combustion

Causing intense secondary combustion for the
destruction of the smoke and gases. A third stage air supply
is drawn from the underside to complete the
afterburning process in the reheat Chamber. This reduces the
original bulk by 97% into a light, sterile ash which falls
through the grill floor into this pit.

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