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Wood Dosa Stove
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Wood Dosa Stove

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Manufacturer of Wood Dosa Stove. Novo Industries. Buy our Wood Dosa Stove now available at a special price of 22,000Rs. Visit us at Novo Industries Thrissur


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Novo industries Buy our Wood Dosa Stove by Novo Industries. Our Wood Dosa Stove is now available at Novo Industries Get Our Wood Dosa Stove Today Visit us at Novo Industries

We Manufacture Wood Fire Dosa Stove. No smoke while cooking with the equipment. · These are mobile stoves These stoves need very little maintenance and no service. It cuts of 80% from the cost of LPG usage, 85% from the cast of kerosene usage, 40% from the cost of cashew shells, and 45% from the normal firewood stoves, Easy handling, and 100% safety assurance for the users. · Available in varying sizes. Heat loss is prohibited as the fireplace is constructed with insulation bricks. · Smokeless cooking, as the stove is fully closed.

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